Access the Contribution That New Right Theorists Have Made to the Understanding of the Family in Today’s Society.

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Access the contribution that New Right theorists have made to the understanding of the family in today’s society.

New Right theorists have a negative view of some family types. They believe that the nuclear family is the only acceptable family type any other family type is inadequate; John Redwood (1993) said the national state should be the two adult family caring for their children. Family types that they find inadequate are single parent, fatherless families and gay and lesbian families when describing the family or these types of families they use negative language like, ‘framented’ or ‘breaking down’ which if in the media which everyone is exposed to this could influence how people see these families. As families become more diverse the nuclear family headed by two parent is on the decline people have more say on how they want to live than ever before. There is still a stigma involved with single parent but it is not as widespread as it would have been years ago.

Dennis and Erdos (2000) argue that children are increasing being born to single mothers and this places them at a disadvantage to children that have been brought up in a nuclear family. They believe that if children are not brought up in the nuclear family environment, are more likely to on average have lower educational attainment and poorer health than their nuclear family counterparts. They are particularly worried about young boys growing up without a male role model so they will not realise that growing up entails looking after and providing for your family, they argue that without a male role model the boys could become antisocial, irresponsible and immature men in the future.

However, some sociologists would argue that lone parent families are more likely to be in poverty as they only have one wage packet to survive on , they do not have a dual wage packet and so will not be able to spend as much on non essential items like tutors and revision guides to help the children in their...