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Swann electronics is a medium sized company that manufactures wiring looms and switches. The company has 165 employees made up of an English speaking background who are predominantly women employed in the manufacturing and Quality areas. The company has a large turnover and is in a relatively good position in the market with a steady customer base. The manufacturing area has computer controlled cut/strip and crimp machines as well as a number of manual crimping presses and a soldering robot. There are also a number of manual soldering stations and a solder bath for dipping the ends of wires. The company has a general manger overseeing a production manager, a Quality manager, an OHS manager, a sales manager and an engineering manager. The production manager has one supervisor in the production area.

The have been a number of complaints from the employees that the OHS committee has not been performing to expected levels and an external audit was conducted to trace the problems causing the committee to underperform.

The auditor sited the following issues

1. The Ohs committee meetings had no agenda.

2. The makeup of the committee was greater than 50% management.

3. The action items raised by the committee where largely not done and the completion dates continually pushed out and never reached.

4. The percentage of items raised by the HSR’s being completed was very low.

The general manager has requested in view of the audit that a presentation on key OHS responsibilities be presented by the OHS manager before addressing the issues raised in the audit.

WHS Responsibilities


* To apply “Due Diligence” in providing a safe workplace and to do all that is “reasonably practicable” to mitigate risk in the workplace.

* Provide suitable equipment and materials for the tasks and provide suitable instruction, training and supervision to enable the workers to perform their jobs safely which includes monitoring the health of workers...