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American Apparel target markets are mainly young adults between the ages of 20-35, American Apparel is different than many other clothing companies for the fact they do not go after the popular 35-45 age group as most clothing companies do. The companies markets to both men and women American Apparel focus on young adults because they tend to invest more in fashion. American Apparel targets young adults sometimes referred to as hipsters they are that are outgoing liberals that make less than $100,000 a year they see themselves as unique and love to show their personality through fashion American Apparel products are basic but unique, comfortable, reasonable priced and fashionable appealing to young adults

American Apparel reaches there target market by focuses on young metropolitan adults and places there retail stores on life style streets for example on Chicago IL, Belmont Avenue Belmont Avenue is known for its gay population, rather than putting stores on major shopping streets. They also tend to put many of their retail stores in college towns such as Gainesville; FL. American Apparel also designs, creates and prints its own advertisements. American Apparel advertises on billboards and magazines The Company is known for its provocative and controversial advertising campaigns. American Apparel images often does not airbrush instead they display models with their blemishes, imperfections and shows with brief personal descriptions about the model. Many of the models in American Apparel's sexual advertising are recruited by Charney and his colleagues on the street, or company stores; others are selected after sending their photos directly to the company website.

American Apparel has moved aggressively overseas and has more than 200 stores worldwide and continues retail growth with new stores in the United States, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Germany, Austria, Canada, France, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom,...