Racism Remains a Big Problem

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Racism remains a big problem With the development of our society and education, the racial discrimination has decreased. Millions of people begin to believe that all men are born equal and the concept of so called inferior races is just a kind of prejudice. However, that is not always the case around the world. There are still large quantities of people holding that stereotype. Even in America,where citizens enjoy a wonderful lever of education and economy is highly developed, exist serious racial discrimination. Some people may argue with me by using the example of Obama. They hold the view that the success of Obama is a strong evidence of racial equality in American society. Of course, Obama’s success is a milestone in the battle of racial equality and it is indeed positive for African Americans. Nevertheless, there is a large number of black American living in poverty and facing huge obstacles when trying to achieve dreams. What’s more, Obama’s family is such a wonderful image, people generalize it and fail to see the larger picture that there is injustice in every aspect of American life. Black people still have to go through discrimination when they study in school, apply for jobs and take part in various activities. In a study that appeared in the journal of Experimental Social Psychology, a group of psychologists tested 10,000 white people during the presidential campaign of Obama. Psychologists assessed what is known as “implicit bias”, using a computer-based test that messure the white people’s discrimination against black people. The result showed that though the situation had been improved ,yet it was not as good as people thought. Discrimination is still serious in American society. I believe that everyone should have his right to achieve what he wants. There is no such thing like inferior race and superior race. What makes people different is the education they have and the circumstances in which they grow up. Every man is born equal! Although...