Business Analysis of Coca Cola Company

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The Coca Cola Company was established in 1892. With a headquarters based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They are the world’s largest non alcoholic beverage distributor. Coca cola markets over 500 different beverages around in over 200 countries. They specialize in distributing and marketing concentrates, syrups, fountain syrups, sparkling beverages, still beverages, trademark beverages and company trademark beverages. The CEO is Mutahr Kent. According to the Coca-Cola website the company’s worldwide organizations have been doing there part to give back. Coca-Cola’s mission is:

* Refresh the world

* To inspire moments of optimism and happiness

* To create value and make a difference

The company follows just that. The company has a 2020 vision in plan to grow their corporate social responsibility. One such event is there annual save the polar bear event. They have partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help reach a goal of $10 million dollars for a conservation of protecting the polar bears in the Arctic. This is just one way they have contributed. The company is currently practicing green acts by creating bottles made from recycled materials and plants it is the first in the world of its kind branded “Plant Bottle”. This is in the action to adhere to the ever changing global market to go “green”. Along with these many endeavors Coca-Cola has big plans for the future, Helping children in schools, growing with the ever changing population creating jobs, helping to boost the economy and encouraging all employees and fans alike to contribute to the future goals to help reach their mission in the vision for the year 2020.

In the Management discussion and Analysis in the 2011 Annual report management discusses the following:

1. The company expects the key source of liquidity to be cash from operating activities. In 2011, Coca Cola generated $9,474 million of cash from operations. Cash is generated externally from debt financing to lower the overall...