Applications of E-Commerece

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This powerful e-commerce software has very strong features both at the user & the admin level.

It is multilingual & also supports multiple stores to be managed from 1 admin interface which is unique.

It has lots of marketing/promotion methods to make sales easier like "buy 1 get 1 free" or "multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts" & almost any other possibilities you can imagine.

Magento is integrated with PayPal, Google Checkout and many other e-payment systems.

The system works with PHP and uses MySQL as the database.


An open source ASP.NET e-commerce application that uses MSSQL 2005 as the database.dashCommerce is multilingual & totally customizable with the theming support.PayPal & a simple weight-shipping calculation provider is integrated by default.Unlimited categories can be created & unlimited images can be added to a product (thumbnails are auto-created).If you’re looking for an ASP.NET shopping cart then you don’t have too many options & this is a great piece of software.


Ubercart is an e-commerce platform for Drupal.

It is a feature-rich application that can sell physical goods, file downloads and even site access/memberships with auto-renewals.

It is installed as a module to Drupal & this makes it stronger as this makes it combined with one of the best CMS applications.

Ubercart works with many payment systems like Cyber Source,, PayPal & more.

Products can be imported/exported via XML & single page checkout feature makes shopping easy.


An amazing open source e-commerce application with a lot of features & a sleek interface.

It enables you to create "special deals" (like price reductions, gift vouchers), tag products, sell virtual goods & service besides standard products & many more.

It is pre-configures for PayPal & other payment processors can be easily integrated. You can find integration & theme options in...