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• Missing of some receipts in the file. Thus becomes a problem when doing reconciliation.

• A lot of manual working. Most of workings in softcopy are also done in a hardcopy that is, Expenditure and Revenue Cashbook, student ledgers, invoices.

• Poor filling system.

• Difficult to complete the work assigned due to more work assignments from other officers.

• Transferring documents using removable disks yet the computers are connected to a local area network thus could be easier to share the documents. Lack of application of IT skills.

• Time: I end up spending more time than the stipulated of 1pm-2pm in catering unit due to awaiting payments from those who have eaten.


• A good filling system whereby the last and first receipt numbers appearing at the top and bottom be indicated. This will help determine the range and also where a particular receipt number lies.

• A back up of all information in finance department in hard-disks. The computers might crash.

• A well prepared sheet to be used in catering displaying the names of only students who have fully paid accommodation or they should be given meal-cards.


From my personal evaluation, the practical training attachment met the Bachelor of Business Management objectives and I also gained in the following areas:

o Provision of financial duties practically other than theoretically as learned, which is, real accounting materials, books and computer packages.

o Improved business communication skills with various business partners, that is, over phone calls and verbal communication.

o Secured a chance of handling duties on managerial level, that is, senior accountant office.

o General interaction with the staff also developed my social relationship with people of all ages and professions in the organization.

o Learned on how to handle business challenges and business strategies that lead to retaining...