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During the past three years I studied economics in school and it was really helpful for me. After my participation in regional business plans competition I perceived that business education would be the best one for me after I left the school.

One of the main reasons for my desire to apply for your bachelor's degree is that in Russia there are no such programs at universities that are free of charge. As I know, Finnish education system is one of the best in the Europe and there I can get not only traditional "How-to-do-it" skills but take part in real-life projects, conduct experiments and how the real business works. With these skills and knowledge I can be successful in global business and work for modern, innovative companies. In the light of growing globalization it is going to be very important.

I have been to Finland once (in 2008) and this trip was really amazing and impressing! I learned a lot about Finland and its culture, sights, people and their traditions.

I like sport, music and art. Since I visited Finland I have been interested in Finnish music, especially in folk and metal. And, of course, food was really delicious there.

My cherished dream is to launch my own business. In Russia sometimes it can be difficult because of corruption and other risks but not in Finland. If I have an opportunity, I will open there a network of gyms because I have some business plans and ideas in this field. Of course, starting business abroad is risky but I'm not afraid of it.

To summarize the information above, I want to say that I have prepared a lot so I am ready to study abroad. From all universities I met I have chosen the best one � *** University. I feel that your university is one of the best to study my wished programme and *** is beautiful city to live and enjoy studying.

Yours sincerely,