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Lecturer: Kow Kim Song


Question 1: What make 3A a successful company?

We are living in a modern and competitive society. In order for a company to stand still and develop is such a struggle process, especially in a strange market like Viet Nam. Occasionally, 3A Pharma, which has operated in Ho Chi Minh City, in 1992, is completely a suitable one in this case, which has reached outstanding achievements with great efforts and smart strategies:

1. decentralized structure

2. Have invested in setting up the most extensive sales and distribution infrastructure in Vietnam:

• 1992: Set up Ho Chi Minh City Head Office, establishing our presence in Southern Vietnam

• 1994: Set up Ha Noi Branch Office, penetrating the market in Northern Vietnam

• 1997: Set up Da Nang Branch Office, penetrating the market in Central Vietnam

• 1999: Set up Can Tho Branch Office

• 2003: Set up Hai Phong Branch Office

• 2004: Set up Nha Trang Branch Office

• 2005: Set up Dong Nai and Vinh Branch Offices

3. The offices in the top eight urban cities serve as forward operating bases to cover the urban and semi-urban towns. To complement the eight urban cities forward operating bases, 3A have also set up a comprehensive Direct Agency structure that extends their sales and distribution to all the provinces in Vietnam.

Best services.

After attending to guest speaker’s class and hearing Mr.Quach, director of 3A firm in Viet Nam, talk about the way they work and how they turn to be successful, all students clearly realize the effective roles of factors that lead to their achievements, which involves: the leader, the vision and investment, the unity of whole firm.

It can not be denied the fact that parent company of Abbott was so brilliant to choose Mr.Quach to be director. Not only because of qualify education Mr.Quach had had in US, but also due to his nationality. Mr.Quach were...