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Erin Budny


World Literature

December 12, 2011

Many characters in Wind, Sand, and Stars can be credited with influencing Antoine. Henri Guillaumet, Antonie's friend, is a key character in Wind, Sand, and Stars that influenced Antoine. Guillaumet is a mail delivery man who has a large amount of courage and dedication that he puts into his job. Guillaumet is credited with his amount of responsibility that he exudes throughout the story. Guillaumet shows his responsibility, dedication, and courage throughout Wind, Sand, and Stars.

Just like Antoine, Guillaumet is a pilot. Guillaumet crashes in the Andes Mountains of South America while trying to deliver mail. The area that Guillaumet crashes in is said to be a region in which no man can survive. Guillaumet defies these odds of survival by showing his courage and strength because he does not want to give up and die without a fight. He soldiers on for his wife and the mail that he has been given to deliver. Guillaumet comes to a point in his fight for survival where he believes he will no longer make it. He wants his body and mail to be found so he moves to an area in which no avalanches can cover his body. He is hoping that the mail will be able to be delivered by someone who finds him and that his wife will be able to collect his life insurance. All these thoughts going through Guillaumet's head make him courageous to be able to keep moving forward.

Guillaumet's courageous acts and bravery allow Antoine to see how important Guillaumet's job and family is. Antoine is influenced by Guillaumet to work his hardest as a mail deliver man. “Guillaumet exuded confidence the way a lamp gives off light.” (pg. 5) Antoine is astounded by the amount of confidence and dedication that Guillaumet puts into his job and into everyday life. Most pilots would not have the heart to do what Guillaumet did throughout life and Antoine figures this out. Antoine figures out that his life could not be as tough as Guillaumet's and...