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Western Civilization- HIST 100-014

Taimur A. Bajwa


Professor Butler first described the downfall of the Roman Empire in the west. He then went into explaining the origins of Christianity. He described how Jesus and his followers believed in one god, righteousness, and mercy. Professor Butler explained the appeal of Christianity about the promise of immortality, a sense of community, and a new heaven on Earth. He also explained how Christianity spread throughout the Holy Land and beyond. He talked about how the Christians were persecuted in the Roman Empire for practicing their beliefs. He then talked about the Byzantine Empire. He talked about how after the Roman Empire in the west was destroyed the Empire in the east survived and became known as the Byzantine Empire. Professor Butler then goes on to say how Emperor Constantine built his new capital city, Constantinople (current day Istanbul). He said how the Byzantine managed to last about 1000 years after the fall of the Roman Empire in the west. The national language of the Byzantine Empire was Greek. Even where the empire collapses Greek and Roman civilization survives. He also talked about the early Islamic period. Prophet Mohammed receives divine messages from God and founds the religion of Islam. After he died the Arabian Peninsula explodes and this expansion helps spread Islam. Professor Holt’s lecture was based on the reformations. He begins by talking about Martin Luther, and how he was the catalyst that started the reformations. He is angry over the indulgence sales going on in Europe. He makes his complaints in the 95 theses (points) and posts them in the university where he taught at. Reformation has effect of renewing faith in the church. Protestant Reformation not only divides the church but divides Europe itself. Martin Luther leads the way for such reformers such as John Calvin and King Henry VIII of England. After the Protestant Reformation civil and internationals wars occur...