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Nowadays, women are independent in order to face the challenges especially in their career. Their talent also had been recognised by people all over the world. In this new era, women have their own class and have their own ability to success in their career. At the same time, they also brilliant in order to solve their marriage problem. Nowadays, there are chances in all sectors that need women participation.There are many situations that may make it necessary for a woman to work, such as to meet the financial needs of the family or to fulfil the needs of the society. There are many possible situations that a woman may face as she struggles to maintain not only her job, but, more importantly, her Muslim identity.

According to Datuk Maznah Hamid (2008), she has built a Multi-Million Dollar International conglomerate as well as Massive Publicity to make her a Malaysian Success Icon. She has 8 powerful shortcuts for doing business in Malaysia and Vast Experience and High Powered Contacts .She continues to contribute to the Malaysian entrepreneur through TV, radio and the Government Initiatives and funding she is entrusted with. Her Results and Success Strategies as women in a male dominated business have won her the Praise of the Malaysian government and the International community. Her INER-STRENTH has allowed her to achieve ultimate success.


The exacerbated for women, because in order to accommodate demands of raising children, many of them must take part-time and temp work, which almost never include health insurance and other benefits.Women employed in female-dominated jobs such as nursing, child care and clerical work receive lower wages than workers in similar jobs not dominated by women. Many men in such jobs also suffer from wage discrimination.

Started the business without any security experiences. First, she took the plunge without any real business experience. And things looked worse as she was taking over an almost bankrupt...

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