Marketing Phase Paper

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Marketing Research Paper


November 27, 2012

Marketing Research Paper

The paper that the professor is about to read, is what the writer will elaborate on the importance of marketing research in developing Kudler Fine Foods’ marketing strategy and tactics. Within this paper, the writer will also converse on identifying specific areas where market research is necessary. The last thing discussed is trying to analyze the importance and analysis of Kudler Fine Foods’ tactics and strategy.

The president of Kudler Fine foods had an idea of starting a business that would offer certain gourmet foods so that consumers are able to cook. So then, the president Kathy Kudler started the company name Kudler Fine Foods and now has three locations in the United States and is continuing to expand its’ business. There are specific areas that need more market research in order to determine which age group the company is selling their product. Since Kudler, have a few locations they should do very well considering the current time. Kudler Fine Foods’ carries a specific of gourmet food their prices are competitive to other business that is selling that type of foods. They also have a variety selection of wine so the person can serve to their families, friends, or just themselves.

Next, is to further more marketing research would help Kudler Fine Foods’ to be a successful business. When doing more research it will help the business expand and dealing with larger size of business. The wholesale market would be one way for Kudler could look into when they are trying to expand in the market. Selling to such type of companies will increase in business as well getting their product out to a broader area for future customers. They also could look into marketing their product in culinary schools, restaurants, and strip malls, or at least in areas that have thriving businesses.

Military Bases also provide a good method for research. The reason being there are many...