Alderman Resigns

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n resignsCompletion of new metro line unsure as Alderman resigns over cost overruns

North south line running from Amsterdam-north to the Zuidas


* It’s a line designed to create a connection between the north and the south

* the North is a growing work district

* With the metro line, people living in the south working in the north can have an easier access without using cars.


* Alderman resigned his post for traffic, transport and infrastructure, hence showing bad project management. This usually leads to further complications and show a lack of credibility:

* Formation of the committee that will decide whether the project continues or not

* Bad time management;

* It started 2002 and should have been completed by 2011, but now the new deadline is 2017

* But they did not stick to the time frame since they have 5 year delay. They didn’t appropriate precautions because they didn’t account forward economic crisis.

* => problem with budget that gets higher

Bad financial management;

* They went over their initial budget. Initially, it was 1.4 billion and now it is expected to be more than 2.1 billion.

* The project manager didn’t foresee the problems of the project and saw mainly the advantages in it known as the tunnel vision.

Bad planning:

* Most of the buildings are built on unstable ground where the metro line is being build but still did not take the necessary precautions.

They didn’t do proper risk management.

* Houses were damaged ,they still reassured the occupants in the area that there won’t be any further damages. But just one day later more buildings were damaged.

* Untried technical solutions

Builders still have to learn new developed techniques on the job hence making it time consuming.

Lack of research:

Based on further research it was found that the risks involved were higher than estimated.

The walls built also were not of professional quality.