Riordan Accounting

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The corporate office of Riordan Manufacturing is in San Jose, CA and the other two locations are in Michigan and Georgia. Michigan, Georgia, and San Jose have their own employees that work in their finance and accounting department. The cost of having three companies in different locations, all using different systems it going to be very costly. Riordan needs to combine all three finance and accounting department together to bring down the cost. The corporate office of Riordan runs on Windows based ERP manufacturing with a distribution, and financial management with software specifically designed for plastics. The license that Riordan Manufacturing currently holds doesn’t have application source code. The accounting and financial systems at Riordan Manufacturing’s is as bad as it seems, however it take a good amount of employees to fulfill all the duties with the information available. It seems that all the staff members are all tied up with just the daily duties. The amount of paperwork sent between the division with faxing communicating and monitoring the website for information, it’s just over whelming trying to meet deadlines. That’s just part of it, now to monitor reports that are being ran, annual audits, collecting data from all of the division and process accounts receivable. This information is lost, forgotten, or having to use different accounting and finance systems throughout the company’s cause’s major problems with departments and systems racking up the labor hours.

The proposed ERP solution will offer the accounting Department a full range package to incorporate all of the division together as one. It will allow them to build files per costumer and clients to be able to track all transaction being done every day of the year. This will give them the ability to receive, view and manage the general ledger of all division in accounts payable, receivable and inventory the product per manufactory to keep fully stock warehouse that best suits the...