Aministrator Challenges Paper

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Administrator Challenges Paper

Jessica Rodriguez

Cja 454

July 22nd, 2012

Steven Gillikin

Criminal Justice Administrators face challenges on a daily basis. In this paper the author will specifically discuss the challenges of Criminal Justice Administrators in the corrections field. One of the biggest challenges the administrators face is overcrowding in the jail as well as the responsibility to the public to keep them safe. Among those challenges there are also others. Also covered in this paper the author will describe what she considers the major issue and satisfactions of the corrections administrator as well how this course has or has not helped the author become prepared for a future in a criminal justice field.


Overcrowding in jails and prisons has become more of an issue than before. Overcrowding causes unexpected cost expenses for corrections administrators to deal with. The cost issues do not directly affect the administrators rather than indirectly affect them through others. “In 2009, taxpayers spent more than $1 billion on state prisons, with an average cost of almost $25,000 an inmate” (n.a., n.d.). The cost is not the only challenge associated with overcrowding in prisons, there is also the issue with health concerns.“Prison overcrowding directly contributes to inhumane conditions which no person should be kept in no matter what crimes that person has committed” (Smith, S.E., 2010). These are issues that will affect an administrator although there is not much he or she can do about it.

Public safety, although not directly associated with corrections administrator, is another challenge they will face. If one looks at it like this they will understand, inmates are released back into society after his or her sentence. If that inmate should not learn his or her lesson from the sentencing they are likely to re offend. If an inmate was to contract a disease of illness while serving...