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In class I took a IQ test and I believe that my results were very accurate. The results of the test show that my IQ is 106 which puts me in the average IQ range. I feel like I am average when it comes to school related things because I do have to work hard for my grades but at the same time I do not have to stress myself out over things because most things do come natural to me where I do not struggle with most of my work. At the same time, I was surprised that my IQ test results were as high as they were because the test was very difficult to me and many of the questions really confused me. I ended up guessing on quite a few of the questions and I was very sure that because I guessed a lot my score would be lower and then I would have thought that my score was inaccurate. (162 words)

I would agree with psychologists who feel that IQ test do a good job measuring abstract reasoning ability but in return do not measure the creative side of human knowledge. The test on the IQ test that I participated in seemed to only cover more basic knowledge of Math and English, or were set up to try and test the basic knowledge of those subjects. If a test having to do with creativity was added to IQ test I believe that the results would be much more accurate as a whole because many people are better in creative type skills than the normal skills we learn throughout school. I do not feel like there was any sort of creativity section on my personal IQ test, but if there would have been I think that my score may have been a little bit higher than it was because I could have made up for the questions that I did not really understand.(161 words)

I do not think that the IQ test I took was culturally biased, but I can see where some would think to perceive that the test was culturally biased. If you take an IQ test and you were not always around American was of learning than this test could be very hard for you or extremely easy depending on where you come from. I...