Managed Care Plans

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Running Head: Managed Care Plans

Unit 6 Managed Care Plans

Kaplan University



April 9, 2012

“Managed care is an umbrella term for all healthcare plans that provide healthcare in return for present schedule payments and coordinated through a define network of physicians and hospitals. The passage of the Health Maintenance Organization Act in 1973 provided for federal aid to health insurance prepayment plans that met certain criteria”. Advantages to managed care are: health care costs are usually contained, established fee schedule, and authorized services are usually paid for. The disadvantages of having managed care are: access to specialized care and referrals can be limited, physician’s choices in treatment can be limited, and the amount of paper work can be increased. (Young, 2007).

Aetna provides care through a broad range of traditional, voluntary and consumer directed health insurance products and related services including: medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disabilities plans, medical management capabilities, and health care management services for Medicaid. Aetna monthly cost for health insurance for a single person living in Ohio is between $110.00 to $297.00 a month depending how much the deductible per year is. The plan is for medical only some plans have prescription drug depending on the coverage you choose (Aetna, 2012).

Humana plans has value to meet your budget, choice of plans, choice of deductable, and a choice of optional benefits. United Health Group has plans are health coverage, health and wellness information, Medicare, Medicare part D, and Medicaid plans, and AARP products. Aetna plans are health coverage, dental insurance, pharmacy plans, Medicare, disability, life insurance, behavioral and mental health, wellness products and discounts, vision, and student health insurance. Humana monthly cost for health insurance for a single white female in...