The Yifan Sand Maker Five Advantages

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The Yifan Sand Maker Five Advantages

Sand maker is one of the crushing equipment, and has applications in ore production lines and high technology, has been the favorite of many customers, so the Yifan Sand Maker with what kind of dressing advantages?

Sand Maker

vertical shaft impact crusher

1. Centralized lubrication system, non-stop oiling, convenient and quick

Sand maker lubrication system, a change the traditional butter mouth, the oil cup filling oil; configuration is centralized to the oil distribution pump step, multiple oil; machine in the machine state at any time all the bearings at the same timesynchronous filling oil, convenient and quick.

2. Hydraulic manually start the chassis

3. Sand maker dual-rotor up and down two crushed material

4. Sand maker device with heavy balance wheel, smooth operation, inertia, it can save 20%.

5. The Yifan Sand maker mesh grate the end of the humidity of materials, will not plug. No mesh grate bottom of the aircraft design, material moisture content is not strictly required, completely the paste blocking sieve does not exist powder can not be discharged, repeat crushed, so the high grinding efficiency, there is no hammer invalid wear phenomenon.


crusher machine

Five points above Yifan Sand maker advantages, but also the favor of many customers, the market selling reasons, welcome to come to counseling.