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Soft Games : Trading in Europe

The case study is taken from Analoui , F . (2007) Strategic of Human Resource Management.

Thomson Learning, UK, pp 93- 94

Instruction In the time allowed, read the following case study and answer the four questions below in 500 words each. 2,000 words total.


Not long ago, upon joining a common economic market, more companies began to recruit and hire bilingual employees in the United Kingdom. Trading across Europe meant that the companies had to deal with the French and German Languages on a daily basis. The primary reasons for recruiting bilingual employees, especially in the medium-sized electronics companies, was: (!) a growing demand for software, especially games that could be used in different languages, (2) many international competitive enterprises were aiming to exploit the market, especially from the Far East, and (3) mainland Europe provided a pool of potential recruits with competitive knowledge and skills. These factors were necessary for expanding operations and sales, especially overseas, which requires employees to speak another language.

Over the past five years we have witnessed a great deal of concern for bilingual employees from our competitors. We were not quick off the market and our operations have suffered to a large extent. I suppose you could say we were not paying enough attention to the changes to our market , Angela, the Head of Recruitment and Selection Department of Soft Games explained. Were finding that more companies are becoming global, and as the European boundaries are virtually disappearing, we find ourselves competing with not only European companies in terms of recruitment of the programmers and software specialists, but also with Far East smaller firms who provide multilingual products, mind you with low quality as far as the translation is concerned . Dr Wise, the Chairman, explained, Moreover a recent survey...