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Most people turn up their nose at the thought of using public transportation such the city bus. Now days everyone travels by car but what about the people who don’t and rely on public transportation? For those people I think public transportation is very beneficial and helps out the community; personally and business wise. In some sense it also brings peers together and saves people some money.

For someone like me, a first year college student, affording a car is merely a dream so I ride the city bus. When I ride the city bus in Northridge I see other college students like me taking the bus home from class. However, when I ride the LADOT in Northridge I see a different kind of people using the bus for different personal reasons. Most of the people on the bus are elderly. They’re usually coming from some kind of grocery store, or picking up their children/grandchildren from school and are on their way home. I find the distinct difference of people quite interesting seeing that the buses stop in the same place. Their similarity still remains the same; no car. So for these people the bus is more personal for them.

It can also be used for a more business purpose. 15% of people commute every day. Ever heard of a commuter bus? It’s a bus used to take people from one city to a distant city for work or school purposes. The AVTA in the Antelope Valley has a commuter bus that travels

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to San Fernando Valley, making several stops one being CSUN. The majority of the riders are business men and women. Instead of using their car, which they leave at the park and ride, they choose to ride the commuter bus. Their choice is either based on relaxing ride or money management. Although having someone drive while you enjoy the ride is quite pleasing, im sure they’d rather pay $7.10 than almost $4.00 a gallon for gas. For the others who ride the commuter bus like me who don’t have a car, it’s cheaper and more convenient than any other mode of public transportation. The...