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Final Revised Capstone Business Plan

Horace W. Roberts, Sr

Grand Canyon University: MGT 660 Strategic Management

November 21, 2012

Executive Summary

This service industry is a growing business segment. The current growth rates show that there is a strong demand for companies that provide all kinds of business services. Especially, security and business services show high growth rates. Compared to other business activities, this service business has low risks because of low required investments in the start-up phase.

New forms of cost cutting and optimization will help to set up a successful business. The revenues of this business have a growth rate of about 15% to 17% per year. A company that provides service activities for the customers can be sure to have a high demand and a strong competitive advantage. The goal of this start-up is the general operation of a security service company. New forms of marketing and distribution will increase sales revenues and utilize personnel capacity.

The security service industry currently shows a strong growth marked by a higher demand, but also growing costs. The development of new business strategies and solutions seems critical for new industry players to get market shares and survive in this highly competitive industry. The choice of services, as well as the development of new products, can be one strategy in this field of business. Additionally, sound cost management is of critical importance for a solid stream of revenues. Big industry players have shown that even in a competitive market, growth rates of more than 10% can be sustained.

The operation of a security service company that offers a range of security services, as well as security equipment is the core of this start-up. A strong focus of this business will be placed on the development of new and innovative strategies for the customers that deliver a significant value. As an add-on, a broad range of customized company...