Kudler Fine Food Opportunities

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Kudler’s Opportunities


Kudler Find Foods has a three pronged plan to increase revenue. This approach includes a combination expanding services, frequent shopper programs, and increased efficiency. This is achieved through customer loyalty programs, purchase tracking, benchmarking of service processes, and inventory control.

This approach will not be cheap but must be viewed as an investment and not just expense. With systems in place to manage, track, and help in the decision making process, Kudler is better positioned to match customers to specific products and services as well as provide an enhanced and unique customer experience.

Instead of implementing and purchasing additional hardware the recommendation I’m laying out to achieve the plan of increasing revenue is to leverage the “cloud”. No hardware overhead. No dedicated IT department needed to manage machines and network assets. No implementation costs (either than basic setup and tailoring). No need to manage software licenses. The cloud is available 24 hours a day. Seven days a week.

Expanding Services

Kudler wants to host customer parties and/or provide customers the opportunity to host their own parties. At these parties customer will be taught by professional chef’s. There will be a “bring a friend – enter to win” content as part of the parties.

A system such as Womply Loyalty Cloud would provide Kudler with the much need ability to offer customer rewards. Womply Loyalty Cloud is easy to setup and can fit any POS system. The only requirement is that Kudler accept credit cards.

Once the account with Womply is setup Kudler can setup up a compain online. Once the complain is setup Womply enrolls customers, tracks progress, and measure performance all with the customer simply using their debit or credit card. No need to pull out a phone and scan a QR code or get a card punched (Womply, 2011). Simple. Easy. Effective.

Frequent Shopper Program...