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Models are just pretty faces

Many models are the subject to controversy. The media portrays them as dumb, vain and just plain selfish. Most of the media feeds to that stereotype by broadcasting and reporting on scandalous affairs that models are often associated with. Most of them are photographed leaving a night club establishment or an upscale swanky restaurant. This makes the viewer's assume that the models are always out partying and beauty is the only real thing they have to be successful. Most models are seen as snobs, party animals and that lack formal intelligence and the only real thing they posses is their beauty to help them succeed this far.

Having a easy, luxurious and extravagant life are often of many words people when they thinking of modeling for a career. Certainly some models absolutely do fall into that category of begin unruly to work with and unintelligent people that they are only there to serve one purpose. Many of them are photographed by paparazzi in the wee hours of the night consuming alcoholics beverages and indulging in other dangerous vices. This also has not helped the notorious stereotype that models are indeed party girls. Some just portray themselves as horrible snobs for asking for more money and absurd accommodations for the photo shoot or else they threaten to call the whole thing off. These kind of requests are usually made by a more established models in power expecting for everyone to please them and fall to their feet. Certainly begin a model anywhere in the world is glamorized and for some fall victims to the glamorized life and become engulfed in this very stereotype that many say they try to fight.

Worldwide there is a certain stereotype about models that points towards them being horrible, demanding divas that are uneducated and selfish. Yes, that is true for some models such as Naomi Campbell that lashes out in violence towards her workers when her demands are not meet however, there is some exemplary examples...