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Check Lube N’ Go SWOTT Analysis

This situation analysis will present information and guidelines to assist in determining how best to grow Check Lube N’ Go and expand the business. We will research Check Lube N’ Go current situation using the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends (SWOTT) analysis approach. This information can be used to focus on what can be learned in order to determine the best solution.


* Legal & regulatory - Operating in compliance with municipality and environmental laws.

* Economic - Business operation use low budget.

* Innovation - A state of the art oil and filter change management system.

* Environment - Promote green Environment.

* Competitive Analysis - No direct competition.

* Culture - Committed to the company values.

* Goals - Customer orientated.


* Legal & regulatory - Can’t transport more than 55 gallons on the road.

* Economic - Oil and gas price instability.

* Innovation - Lack of real time monitoring system

* Environment - Limited oil collection sites.

* Competitive Analysis - Small management teams with lots of responsibilities.

* Culture – Ability to sustain a trained workforce.

* Goals - Slow oil change time on newer vehicle systems


* Legal & regulatory – Government Change.

* Economic – Joint venture with other authorized oil collection facilities to reduce recycling charges.

* Innovation - Offer customers oil collection service.

* Environment - Attract new customers that wrongly dispose their used oil.

* Competitive Analysis - Establish a permanent service location that offers on-site service.

* Culture – Geographic expansion of different customer’s requirements.

* Goals - Add more product line as we go.


* Legal & regulatory – Fines for environmental violations.

* Economic – Declining economics.

* Innovation - Competition for skilled...