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Those who engage in "unselfish" acts with a motivation to gain are really decieving themselves and in doing so are choosing to learn their lessons in a different way. Those who engage in unselfish acts don't generally even define them as such but are simply doing what comes naturally. I see this as the reason they are so surprised and even embarrassed if someone points it out. They really don' tsee themselves as doing anymore than what they should be doing and it becomes a part of who they are on the level of character. In this there are really and simply only two paths. Does the act stem from the mind or the heart? You may have difficulty in recognizing an unselfish act if you are looking for it from the minds perspective. The realm of the heart is vastly different and the nature of it's inspiration are often inconcievable to the mind. Unless you truly know the motivation of another you cannot define their acts as selfish or unselfish. You may have a strong feeling if there is a pattern but gain is not a signifier and doesn't define the act. Selfish and unselfish are mind definitions really but I submit to you that any unselfish act is undefinable. The focus of your attention in this is really unique to you. If you want to know the answer to your question why don't you engage in the process? Is it possible for you to act in an unselfish way? When is the last time you engaged in a deed that was motivated by the heart? Perhaps it is simply a matter of awareness. I have difficulty in believing that anyone is totally selfish or totally unselfish. Both exist but you don't seem to be witnessing this. Change begins at home. If you want to see the world change you change. If you would like to see more unselfish deeds take action. Commit unselfish deeds on a regular basis and you will have changed the world in even seemingly small ways. The moment you commit an unselfish deed the world will be a more unselfish place. It really is that simple. God Bless.