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Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Case

I. Outrigger Business Strategies

• Great customer experience via unique products and services (Deliver an experience that is respectful of the culture and the special characteristics of the localities in which it operates. No cookie cutter approach.)

• Centralization to achieve efficiency

• Growth

o Facility improvements

o Global expansion (location diversification)

o Product diversification

▪ Outrigger brand beach-front high-end hotels and resorts

▪ OHANA off-beach budget hotels

▪ Condos

• Strategic relationships with leisure vacation distribution channels

• Enhanced employee relation via value-based management

• Being an integral part of the Hawaii community

II. Current IS Situation at Outrigger

• Trailing to Average

o IS is managed as a cost

o The CIO failed to make IS strategic to the organization

o No strategic work

o Outdated IT systems

o Does not plan for IT proactively

o Fails to utilize existing data resources

o Lack of IS human resources and expertise in newer technologies

o Reactive IS organization, not organized to align with business needs

III. High Level Directions for IS at Outrigger

• Mission: The IS organization will work as a partner of the business to offer technology-based solutions for supporting business operations and developing competitive advantages (strategic).

• Vision: The IS organization will strive to:

o Maintain superior operational efficiency of the company.

o Provide the management with accurate and timely data and information to improve the business,

o Provide our guests with a technology experience that meets or exceeds their expectation,

o Support key business processes with appropriate technologies,

o Develop and maintain a technological infrastructure that supports...