Cross Cultural Management

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1. Analyse FIVE (5) relationship between leadership and quality in school .Give

appropriate examples. (20 marks)

Achieving quality in education has increasingly become crucial in strategic improvement plans of

developing countries. Quality in education is also viewed as an influential factor in

implementing plans for bridging the poverty gaps between the developing and the developed

worlds. At the centre of strategies for accelerating the achievement of quality education is

effective leadership at all levels of the school system. It will compare existing basic education quality improvement policy initiatives within Ghana and Tanzania. Of particular interest will be the identification of some major similarities and differences in the way Ghanaians and Tanzanians educators perceive and conceptualize their school leadership roles in the context of quality education. The nature and scope of country context initiatives that aim at enhancing quality leadership for implementing quality education in developing countries is critical to our understanding of how global quality initiatives impact on local policy practices. Unarguably, the central issue facing educational policy makers and practitioners in the developing world is one of matching the imperatives for quantitative expansion of educational provision with the need to ensure the quality of the education provided for those children who do enter the school environment. Attempts to define ‘educational quality’ are legion, as the very concept of ‘quality’ is an evasive one. At the level of international debate and action three defining principles tend to be broadly shared. These are the need to understand quality education in terms of (a) content relevance, (b) access and outcome and (c) observance of individual rights. In much current international thinking, these principles are expected to guide and inform...