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Impact of Oil and Gas Industry to Country Development

Christian Bimo Ady Nugroho, 113110053, Petroleum Engineering UPNV Yogyakarta.

Copyright 2012 Society of Petroleum Engineers

This paper was prepared for SPE UPN SC board recruitment’s requirement.


In this industrialized era, industry sectors play an important role of the sustainability and stability of the country. So any chance of this sector will influent the sustainability and stability of the country itself. Oil and Gas industry is one of these industries that yields a product that relatively has more impact of various sectors of country. Recently, Oil and Gas are both important commodity for running a country. The change if its aspects will absolutely effects for countries that depending on this resource.


What makes oil and gas are so important and effecting to a country is because this limited natural occurring resources are used for generate energy needed for fueling machines use for run and develop a country, they’re also use for some others industrial products such as fabrication, fertilizer, even medicine. You can imagine from the need of electricity alone which is growing everyday due to the increase of population in countries which demanding more and more electricity to light up their lights, it causes the increase of demand of oil to generate electricity. The growing industries and transportation are also demanding more oil to run. So from here we can consider the need of oil is tend to be increasing in the future while the availability is decreasing

Because oil and gas are important it makes the efforts of exploring, producing, and processing by petroleum industries are so effecting to the countries. It impacts on sectors such as economy, fiscal, social and culture in outline. This impacts are different in countries depends on whether they are developing or industrialized country, whether they are exporting or importing country, the educational level of its...