Creating an Automated Inventory Management System.

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Title: Creating an Automated inventory Management System.

Name: Sampson Mensah

Institution: Strayer University

Automated inventory system is very important and plays a vital role in today’s business, it enables businesses the ability to access and organize data in fast and more efficient way, with automated inventory system business can use computers to accomplish jobs that will otherwise be done manually, thereby saving time, labor and ultimately money, which is the blood of every business. Automated inventory systems are specialized software that enables businesses to input their inventory as well as track the product that are delivered or sold.

For small business the equipment that are required for the automated inventory system will include, a wireless barcode scanner, an inventory software, Barcode printer and a stand-alone computer connected to the internet . Wireless barcode scanners function as multi-use tools for advance data capture and mobility, some common examples of the wireless barcode scanners include the Unitech HT580, Symbol MC3090, Motorola MC5590, depending on your budget you may choose the scanner base on connection, operating system, scanner type and application.

Another important component of the automated inventory system is the software system; this may sometimes be the most expensive aspect of the system, also based on budget you may write your own program or buy the ones already created for your project, either case you must have the software that is design for the task ahead, that is software must be able to accomplish the specifics of the job, controlling and tracking merchandise at delivery and point of sale, for example at the time of arrival products can be scanned or registered into the database and added to the list of current inventory, products can then be tracked using barcode and scanners to determine depreciated products, what the

software does is it takes the products off the inventory list at the point of...