Perception in Business

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Perception is when a persons wants, needs and attitudes distort the message's original intent. It is a mental impression or a way of understanding and interpreting a message.


The perception of a business' restroom amenities can greatly affect the success of the business. A global hygiene company did a study with 3,000 American adults, including college students. Their study found that more than 80% will avoid a restaurant and 38% would void retail store because of restroom amenities being dirty. What is funny but at the same time nasty, is that 40% of Americans have poor hand washing practices. And 65% admitted to not fully drying their hands after washing their hands, which has a greater number of germs to spread then fully dry hands. So basically the customer my not be the cleanest person themselves, but if they perceive your restrooms to be unclean then most likely you will not get their business.


Perception makes a big difference in business which most people are not aware of it. I have an associate degree in Interior Design and I was taught on how each color has a perception attached to it. Like the article the cleanness and design of a business like a restaurant or a retail store can affect the success of the business. Lets take restaurants for example. A fast food chain color scheme bright, attention grabbing colors, while an up scale restaurant will have more deep rich calming colors. The bright attention grabbing colors give you a perception of getting more quantity for your money. While the deep rich calming colors give you a perception that you are getting more quality for money. The reality is that it works! We end up spending more money on our perception then on what we actually get, which is good for the business world.

Other ways perception affects business is in ethics. Perception is somewhat like having a view. Having a biblical world view as a Christian has a great role in my perception on...