My Gender Identity

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My Gender Identity

In terms of gender identity I would consider myself to be an androgynous individual, as I do not fit cleanly into any of the typical male gender roles of my society. This does not mean that I am neither man nor woman, but rather that I am a hybrid of both, for I consider myself to have just as many masculine characteristics as those traits which are generally attributed to my opposite sex.

For as long as I have been able to understand gender as a concept I have been able to draw upon both traditionally masculine and feminine emotions and behaviors equally in order to walk through my life in a well-rounded way, this is why I feel as though I am gender-neutral. When I am spending time with another woman for example, rarely do I feel divided with respect to the gender differences that are socially constructed around us. It is normal for me to feel that she is just another human being, a friend, a companion, regardless of gender differences. In a nutshell, I feel like I personify what they call a “sensitive new-age guy” for which I have pre-dominant male gender characteristics, as in I look male and never try to look female, mixed with feminine empathy and emotional responses.

My family structure has been an enormous factor in the development of my gender identity. I was raised by my mother and two older sisters, and the three of them are incredibly close in regards to their relationships with each other. I have no brothers and my father was often working night hours throughout my childhood so I was pretty much raised by women up until I reached adolescence when my father began to spend more time at home. I presume this is why so many people tell me that I am very much in touch with my feminine side, and indeed I am. Being raised by women was a blessing to me because I was able to see the specific traits of the opposite sex from the get-go. I have developed an incredible respect for women because I have seen their inner-strength when it is...