Important Factors to Consider When Planning an Event

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A report on the most important factors to consider when planning and running a sporting event

For the Local Authority

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Executive Summary

This report will identify and examine all the factors involved when planning and running a sporting event, which may also be factors when considering to run another type of event. The research within the report shows the components of what is needed to run a sporting event. These components involve the people attending a sporting event and the objectives an events organiser would set to be complete up to the running of an event. This will all be indentified in the report.

This report will allow the Local Authority, who are not acutely aware of these factors to concentrate on these areas when running a sporting event, to make the event more successful and more efficiently run, making sure the event runs smoothly so that there are no real risks or faults with the event organised.

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This report was designed to focus upon the key important factors that an events organiser should consider when planning and running a sporting event. with you, the Local Authority having a fairly limited knowledge and background on sporting events, this report is aimed to provide that knowledge and provide and the key characteristics to allow the Local Authority to outline this characteristics when organising and running a sporting event.

It is very important to understand how these sporting events are to be governed, in order to achieve the best outcome for an event, and make sure the event is an...