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Exam 3 Study Guide: Chapters 9, 10, & 11

1. Know if there is more than one command to view process information. p393

2. Know how the killall command kills a process. p403

3. Know who is allowed to schedule tasks with at daemon if /etc/at.allow & /etc/at.deny files do not exist. p412

4. On most Linux systems, know when logrotate utility is automatically scheduled to run. p447

5. Are users limited to being in only one group? p448

6. What is a daemon? p392

7. What does the command ps –e do? p394

8. How useful to the administrator is the ‘process state’ column in output from the command ps –l? p397

9. What does the ps –x command display? p397

10. How many different kill signals can be sent to a process? p401

11. What does SIGHUP kill signal do? p402

12. What does the SIGQUIT kill signal do? p402

13. What are the three main types of Linux commands you can execute? p403

14. The ampersand (&) appended to a command does what? p404

15. Prefixing a % symbol to a process id when using the kill command does what? p405

16. What does the fg command do to a background process after the background process has started? p405

17. When you use the jobs command, what does the ‘+’ symbol in the output indicate? p406

18. What is the default value for the nice command? p407

19. What does at –l command display? p410

20. What does the sixth field in the cron table contain? p413

21. What does the crontab –e command do? p414

22. How do you use the lp command to print something? p428

23. What does the lpstat –t command show you? p429

24. What does lp –d allow you to specify? p430

25. What is the default priority of all print jobs? p431

26. What does the command lpstat –p display? p432

27. What does the lpadmin command allow you to restrict? p432

28. What does /var/log directory contain? p440

29. What does the secure log file contain? p440

30. What is the significance of any line that starts with # in the...