Riordan Manufacturing

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Riordan Manufacturing Logistics Systems Analysis

BSA/502 Business Systems II

Riordan Manufacturing Existing Logistics Systems

Rules and Regulations Compliance

Rules and regulations compliance and data management are key issues driving the manufacturing industry’s ability to meet consumers’ needs and commercial contracts, and governing laws in different plant locations. Many industries, including manufacturing, face challenges of managing, protecting, and securing of all the company’s information assets. As technology advances, the increase of digitally created and managed drawings, records, and communications makes users consider how all systems meet with the regulatory and legal environments. All company data must be managed in a trusted, secure, and reliable form (Macarthur Stroud International, 2004). Riordan Manufacturing must prepare for potential legal action should it occur. For all the previously discussed recommendations, from sales and marketing to human resources and even the operational and logistical suggestions, Riordan Manufacturing must consider the legal ramifications and potential legal risks involved in the implementation of any changes. Not only should Riordan Manufacturing consult with the legal department; each suggestion must retain a level of legal scrutiny even before presenting suggestions to upper management.

Potential Legal Issues

Currently Riordan Manufacturing leverages the legal advice of the law offices of Litteral and Fink, who manages not only their litigations but also all legal advice. It is the direction of this document that any proposed recommendations be reviewed by the legal team at Litteral and Fink and that all advice provided be considered, creating legal compliance will not only provide piece of mind but also ensure a limited potential for future litigation. The following is a list of potential legal issues or concerns for Riordan Manufacturing:

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