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Wrangler Jeans: The Working Man’s jean

A recent ad for Wrangler jeans featuring Brett Favre displays the myth of the workingman. As it is shown here, the myth depicts the life of a lower to middle class white male who is rugged and hard working. In the ad, Brett Favre leans against a red pick up truck wearing a pair of wrangler jeans and smiling at the camera.

Wrangler Jeans Co. has been a prominent jean company in the United States for more than five decades, and they have always been known for making durable but comfortable jeans, usually for the workingman, and their advertising has reflected that differently throughout the years. The very first thing you see when you look at the ad is the figure of Brett Favre, a rugged, long time quarterback who is considered by many as the everyman athlete, an average Joe. He leans casually against the back of an old red pick up truck which appears to be in the middle of a green field, a medium-sized brown dog standing in the bed of the truck. The dog had his head almost against Favre’s shoulder as he looks diagonally to the right and towards the camera a bit. There is a friendly smile of Favre’s face, as he looks straight at the camera, a large Wrangler logo to the right of his head and text that have his name and his signature to the left of his head. Another interesting detail about the image is how the angle of sunlight creates a bright glare on the jeans and Favre’s face. This also creates shadows of the truck that are partially within the viewing range of the camera.

Like I said earlier, Wrangler has always been about making jeans that were durable but comfortable and would be worn but the workingman, the manly man, and this ad represents this idea very well with there image. Almost every aspect of the ad reflects an idea of masculinity, of course starting with the centerpiece of the ad, Brett Favre. Ever since he started playing football he has been categorized as being rugged and manly, and everybody knows...