Different Styles of Dance

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There are many different styles of dance that interest many different personalities. There are no fixed forms of dance, there are only styles. These styles range from Hip-Hop all the way to Pointe. It all depends on one's personal preference as to which style of dance is their favorite. I have more than one favorite style of dance because I have experience with a lot of different styles. My favorites are Hip-Hop, Pointe, and ballroom. These styles of dance are completely different from each other and that is one of the reason I love them! Throughout this paper I will discuss the different styles of these dance forms, and how they are used today. I will also releate these styles to real life situations with myself and my dance experiences.

Dance is made to tell a story in the form of body language. This type of story is usually the most effective, even more than reading a story out of a book. Dance interprets many different things depending on the style of dance, and the movements that the choreographer makes for the dance. “They follow a rigorous training regime and must stay in top condition, just like professional athletes such as basketball or hockey players” (Artsvivants). It is really an amazing hobby of mine and through the years of taking dance classes, I have learned so much and taken so much out of those classes that I would never take any of my experiences back if given the chance. “There are seven main movements to all styles of dance including: bending, gliding, turning, stretching, jumping, rising, and darting” (Angelfire). All of these styles mushed together gives the dancer everything he/she needs to create an original piece of art. To have all of these abilities of dance, one must have “strength, joint flexibility, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and coordination” (Angelfire). Even though one needs all of these essentials to be a good dancer, it is all about really all about letting go and having a good time on the dance floor.