Week Nine Final Paper

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POS/110 Final Assignment-week nine

week nine final paper-six pages with references-1800+ words

America and Our Democracy


October 14, 2012

The United States government is a very well structured system developed by our founding fathers to help the citizens. Although it seems that each part of our united governing system is perfect in actuality there are many changes that could or need to be made to keep newer generations of citizens, interested in giving part to political decisions. As an example, the voting rates of our youth in America seem lower than they could be every year and often get lower than the previous year. Hopefully the paper can explain my outlook on American and our Democracy, deals with the Constitution, our Civil Rights, voting and the Electoral College, the President and his role in the government. Also the bureaucratic opinion and America, along with the judicial input to our system of government from the lower court all the way to the Supreme Court processes with the justices who sit on those benches. We must all take in account the advantages and disadvantages of the organization to the system in place.

In my personal view is one of the larger challenges for the American political arena the Electoral College Vote. The voting area should be based on the peoples vote and what the people vote for. I think the electoral allows an unfair advantage to the politician that more power that the peoples vote. Our voting should have the power to choose which man/woman is the better for the position at hand allowing the majority vote to rule. I suspect that the election of Barack Obama signifies that our civil values are still there and that the people of the United States do have a voice in the elections of...