Taking Back Our Food

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Taking Back Our Food:

Revolting against industrial agriculture and regaining our health.

At a population of 310 million there are a lot of mouths to feed in the United States. Technology and science has assisted in accomplishing this feat but to what cost? Not the cost of the 99 cent hamburger at almost every fast food restaurant, the cost of our health. To achieve the goal of feeding as many as possible for as cheap as possible the industrialization of our farming industry is gradually replacing our food with chemicals, hormones, synthetics and Genetically modified ingredients. This is costing the American people a wholesome diet as well as increased health care bills. If a change is not made in society's eating habits, a change will not be made in the industry. If the people allow the poisoning of foods to continue they may find it soon evolving into an issue beyond control.

It is clear to see America has an eating disorder. The United States has the highest obesity rate in the world with almost 35 percent of it population overweight (OECD, 2011 P. 12).

Obesity occurs when the number if calories consumes constantly out weighs those that are burned off (CDC, 2012). The recommended daily value for adult men is 2500 calories and for women, 2000 calories. Chain restaurants and fast food joints' menu items average between 1,000 and 2,500 calories per meal alone(acaloriecounter.com, 2007). Snack foods like Cheetos, Hostess donuts and movie theatre popcorn average between 200 and 400 calories per serving, most of us not stopping at one serving at a time (Magee, 2011). That is potentially 800 calories just for a snack in between meals. To put this into perspective a normal American's day may play out as follows. Before work they stop at Mcdonald's and get a deluxe breakfast at 1,070 calories (without syrup or butter), they want a “”light” lunch so opt for the fiesta taco salad at Taco Bell (870 calories) and on their way home they pick up dinner at KFC for...