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Key Sucess Factors :

Eat2Eat Ltd

Electronic distribution capability ( via internet ):

Eat2Eat was the first in Asia to have a website that support online reservations and also

information about restaurants. They provide technology that enables customers from all over

Asia to book a table in the 800 participating restaurants but also enables restaurateurs to

introduce technology into their workplace, reduce administrative functions for their front of

house staff and improve profitability through a better understanding of their diners. The

technology is proven, secure and robust. It is used extensively across Asia Pacific and the

software is the preferred supplier to leading international hotel groups.

Diversity of restaurant :

Eat2Eat gives the opportunity to its customers to have a variable choice of food, and a large

number of different culinary cultures.

As we said before, Eat2Eat work with more than 800 restaurants who offer a huge choice of

meal depending on your wish. Dishes varies from Asian and middle eastern cuisine to

American and Western food, everything depends on the client choise and taste.

Customers advantages :

Some of the main advantages that Eat2Eat offers to its client are :

* The opportunity to earn Frequent Dining Points : It’s a program that give to its

loyal clients advantages as discounts, free dishes and tickets.

These points are accumulated for every confirmed reservation made across the


- An interactive search engine to browse restaurant details and explore food styles.

A variety of interesting information on the food and wine industry like restaurant

guides, chef profiles, recipes, produce information, events, news and articles.

* The opportunity to receive information on restaurant promotions and related news

(like new locations, new menus and wine...