Change and Culture Case Study

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Change and Culture Case Study II

Cassandra Foster

HCS/514: Managing In Today’s Health Care Organization

University Of Phoenix

Renee Sharp

July 25, 2011

Change and Culture Case Study II

The organizational literature provides two major concepts that aid in comprehending the job restructuring process. The two concepts are job design and system redesign respectively. The job design deals with the activities undertaken by individuals in the workplace. Such activities encompass the roles, and the methods applied in job completion (McConnell, 2009). Conversely, the systems redesign concerns changing the normal operations of the entire department or the health care organization. In this paper the subject to examine is how to commence the process of job design. It also highlights work processes and performance expectations considerations once the design is finally complete. In addition, it is vital to indicate some of the steps and structures that will be put in place to make the organization a genuine working organization thus, encouraging workers and, managers to excel despite the changes. It also specifies how to plan and control the inter-organizational communications in the implementation of the design changes. Finally, it specifies the procedures undertaken by the management in ensuring individual job satisfaction for such positions.

Commencing Job Redesign Process

To initiate the course of job redesign that considers the universal worker a closer view on any patient delivery concerns is imperative to comprehend some of the possible facilitators because of hurdles to the entire redesigning process (McConnell, 2009). According to Peter Senge, the main barriers to an efficient job redesigning include bickering, usually highly witnessed among the coworkers. Additionally, issues of conflict within the management and inadequate training could act as obstacles. Furthermore, the other issues greatly...