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Needless to say that sport plays an important role in our life. It gives us much pleasure and many moments of joy. There are a lot of kinds of sports such as swimming, wrestling, cycling, box, football, hockey, track and field athletics. All of them are useful and exciting and help us to keep feet.

As for me I am fond of jogging and figure skating. I was going in for figure skating when I was a child and achieved good results. This is very elegant sport. You should control your body very well, if you wish to skate gracefully. And you should apply great efforts at every coaching. Now every winter if I have spare time, I go to the nearest skating-rink with my friends and we have much pleasure, skating together. I don’t forget to watch Figure Skating Championships, where our best sportsmen and sportswomen perform. Their compulsory and free programmes are beyond description and one can’t help admiring them.

In spring and summer I prefer to go in for jogging. This is very popular sport, very useful for your health. You slowly run and enjoy the beauty of nature around. Millions of people all over the world are fond of jogging as it helps to keep your heart healthy and your figure – slim.

Speaking about sports I can’t help saying about football, because this is very spectacular kind of sports. There are a lot football teams, football events, fan clubs in almost every country of the world. Some football players are world-famous, they make excellent careers and take part in each championship. Football matches attract a lot of spectators, who come to support their favourites.

As for me, I am a football fan of Italian team “Roma” and my favourite player is Francesco Totti. I remember having been taken to the match between “Roma” and their competitors. The stands were full of spectators. They shouted to cheer the teams and swung the flags… The match started and 10 minutes later I saw a ball, flying from Totti into the goal. I was very happy! I was sure that my...