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Watch a movie or television program that characterizes any of the concepts included in this course. Investigate the cultural messages related to course concepts by watching and critically evaluating a contemporary movie (in the theater or on DVD) or television program. You should include the following components in your analysis:


Briefly describe the movie’s plot.


Analyze the main characters using the concepts presented in this course through the reading assignments and research. Describe the lead characters, focusing on physical and personality characteristics. Include how the movie portrayed the leading female and male actors? Were there any stereotypes?

Using one or more of the models presented in the text, describe and evaluate how the model(s) apply to the characters portrayed in the movie. Be specific about the model you are using.

Describe any cultural issues or aspects portrayed in the movie. In what ways was the movie representative or not representative of your culture?

What was the underlying moral and/or philosophical view depicted in the movie? 

Revised Learning Outcomes - Pending Approval

Analysis of the Film “Kindergarten Cop”

“Kindergarten Cop” follows the lives of two tough, under-cover detectives named John Kimble and Phoebe O’Hara, as they attempt to hunt down long-time drug dealer and suspected murderer, Cullen Crisp. Kimble initially arrests Crisp for murder, but since their key witness is an unreliable substance abuser, the detectives go in search of Crisp’s former wife (Rachel) and son (Cullen, Jr.) , who are hiding somewhere in Astoria Oregon, to strengthen their case. Unfortunately, the police only know the approximate age of Cullen Jr., and possess almost no information about the mother.

In order to identify the child, O’Hara is to pose as a substitute kindergarten teacher. However, on the trip to the school she becomes violently ill, forcing the stern...