Comparison Between Jesus and Mohommed

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The Contrast and Comparison of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed have shaped the course of history and the destiny of men and women for over two thousand years. Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world, and are the only two religions that have a global presence, which means that you will find Christians and Muslims in every part of the world. Both Jesus and Mohammed have a lot of similarity and differences, which is reflected in their respective religions. This paper will compare and contrast the lives of Jesus and Mohammed and examine how they related to their respective religion.

Similarities of Jesus & Mohammed

Historically, we have read reports of miracles before the Birth of both leaders. The Christian Bible talks about the Angels appearing to shepherds (Bible, Luke 2:8 NIV). There is also the star of Bethlehem, a celestial body, said to have guided three Magi to Jesus birthplace where they gave him gifts. (Bible, Mathew 2:2 NIV). As for Mohammed, the Quran reports that as a baby he was sent to be taken care of by a nurse, which was the custom in those days. Halimah, his nurse, explains that with the birth of Prophet Muhammad, blessings showered her life such that their property and herd increased daily. Although drought had spread throughout the deserts and cities, Halimah's sheep were healthy and full of milk. Their shriveled trees prospered and grew back green leaves. The camels regained their milk. Furthermore, a number of ill people who came to their house were cured because of the presence of Prophet Muhammad (

Both Mohammed and Jesus are said to have performed miracles during the course of their lives. The new testament in the Bible is full of stories of miracles such as the turning of water into wine, the feeding of a multitude from a few fish and bread, the healing of the sick and the restoration of sight to the blind (Fisher,...