Health Care Reform

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Health Care Reform

In a recent speech, President Obama stated, “Health care reform is no long just a moral imperative, it is a fiscal imperative” (Lothian and Malveux). For many years, health care reform has been a hot topic. I have observed that many of our past Presidents have attempted to make changes to our health care system. During this time period, all I ever saw was an increase in insurance premiums. It has placed a burden on my family and me due to the cost, but health insurance is a necessity, especially with a small child. I have seen my insurance rate in the past year increase by two hundred dollars a month. This has placed a huge burden on being able to pay other bills on time. I have also witnessed a co-worker stressing out recently due to his wife having a new baby that spent a week in the NIC Unit at the hospital. The bad thing about the entire ordeal is that he cannot afford the insurance that our company provides. He is now faced with a huge hospital bill and no way to pay for it. Without changes made to medical insurance, I feel that it is impossible to afford health care costs. The big picture to look at is what is best for every American. Our government really needs to come up with a plan to make our health care system available and affordable to everyone.

Affordable health care seems like a past memory unless you are one of the lucky ones whose company pays for their insurance or who qualifies for Medicaid (“Medicaid Eligibility”). In this day and age, many Americans are faced with the challenges of finding affordable quality health insurance. Some Americans are even faced with losing their jobs and insurances due to the economy. I feel like there are so many in worse shape than I am due to insurance rates.

Let’s take a look at the Americans with no insurance. For them, affordable health care does not exist because the majority does not even qualify for Medicaid (“Medicaid Eligibility”). Many are even being turned away from medical care....