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Book: Veronika decides to die.

ISBN: 978-0-00-710346-1

Author: Paulo Coelho.

Release Date: 1998

(Translated into English by Margret Jull Costa from the Portuguese in 1999)

The book I recently read is VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE. Written by one of my favourite writers PAULO COELHO. He is a Brizalian writer famous all around the world for his amazing books, mostly because of; THE ALCHEMIST and ELEVEN MINUTES.

The story is realy very inspiring story for me, and ofcourse should have worked as an inspiration for a million of readers internationally. I really enjoyed reading this book as the story-I found-is very gripping and satisfying. The plot of the story is great. The book is full of concealed messages. But basically the books revolve around the subject of madness. The core message of this book is “Collective madness is called sanity”.

When I read this book. It made me think, appreciate life and realise that life is the greatest gift and the blessing of God. And it worths living, thankfully, to the best. One of the most inspiring qoute for me in this book was “We have replaced all of our emotions with fear” and “We look for the easiest way out; SEPERATE REALITY”.

The author has intoduced a few characters, the main character is VERONIKA, ofcourse. And most of the charactes suffers from one or the other mental deseases. And the doctor, ofcourse, is also an important character. He is the psychiatrist of the lunatic assylum in which Veronika had to live, even though she was not mad, she just attempted to commit sucide-but failed. Then, she had to spend the rest of “A WEEK” of her life in that assylum. There she learnt and realized so many things and found out that every single moment of our life is a choice between living and dying, and she started to question about herself, her life and its realities. And it altered her way of perceiving her life and completely changed her mind from the wish of dying to live her life to the fullest. The way...