Being Accepted

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Being Accepted

Nancy Paguay


Naturally we all like images that are pleasing to the eye. It ranges from nature, objects, and even peoples’ appearances. Over time everyone has made an involuntary change to judging people on their physical appearance but not by their actions. Over a point in time, society has played a tremendous role in imprinting this action into our minds. Society introduced things such as television, and eventually advertising which made us believe physical appearance is most important. This draws an answer that society does place too much emphasis on physical appearance.

Celebrities and models are a huge part in society and place the most significance on physical appearance. Almost all celebrities are attractive. Brad Pitt is almost considered perfection, and clearly everyone can agree on that. There are guys that would give anything to look anything like him, and women would give anything to have him. The public reads magazines to know the “secrets” celebrities use to be so physically attractive even though many celebrities use surgeries, or even Botox to look the way they do. Once the public learns the celebrity’s’ “secrets” then it makes everyone want to do it to themselves to look better and in return be accepted by society. It has gotten to a point where the society we live in has brought about things such as eating disorders because people obsess about their physical appearance. Basically everyone in the entertainment industry has a certain physical appearance they have to live up to, and makes them willing to try anything to have the perfect physical features.

The appearance of celebrities brings us to the point of the multibillion dollar beauty industry. Every women knows what is being discussed when this is mentioned. Women continuously buy many products that are introduced into the consumers market daily. The products include anything from creams, gels,...