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BCOM 275

Open Door Policy and Organizations

Having an open door policy within an organization promotes healthy communication in the work environment. Good communication promotes an atmosphere that is easy to learn in. Team work is established as people work together to accomplish task. An open door policy is a very important communication channel between employees on all levels and their management team.

Without an effective communication channel, a company will have areas within its organization that are weak resulting in systemic situations. From top level managers down the chain of command, it is important to develop an appropriate open door policy. This open door policy should be implemented from the top down, to the ground up. Meaning that the top level managers can have an open door policy to those directly under them, and frontline managers can utilize an open door policy to the middle level managers. Non-management employees should feel comfortable utilizing the open door policy to those that supervise them, unless there are situations that involve the frontline manager that needs to go higher up the chain of command.

According to www.ehow.com (2012), top level managers should have an open door policy to all employees. This allows employees to feel comfortable to speak with their boss if time permits or the door is open for a minute of the top level manager’s time. As a top level leader, it is of importance to be viewed as caring for the nature of employees. This helps boost morale and promote a healthy work environment (Bold, 2012) On the other hand, it is better to practice going through the various levels of the chain of command before making contact with a top level executive. To many, this is just business etiquette. In the military, there is an open door policy with high ranking officers. This does not include complaining about issues at hand. There is a way to appropriately give information to someone in...