The United States Financial Reputation on an International Level

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The United States financial reputation on an international level

In the global economy we live in, having a strong reputation financially is one of the most important things a country can have. Other countries look to us as an exporter of goods and services along with a solid financial system. As of last year, we have a trade deficit of 559.956 billion which means we imported more than exported. The world looks at the US as a consumer nation thus their products have a market in the country. The US is more an exporter of intellectual products and travel services than an exporter of hard goods. With the growing deficit, we are seeing our dollar become weaker across the world as more money that could be used for expansion is now used for interest payments and slowing our recovery. Though the dollar stays one of the stronger and respected currencies in the world, being used as a measure against other currencies and products being priced against it, if we continue to stagnate in the recovery, others will look at it as a sign of weakness. Countries look to the US as a resilient economy, rising and falling like most, but always recovering quicker than others. Both the budget and trade deficits show that we are not recovering as quickly as hoped, and therefore keeping the world’s economy from recovering.


The US GDP is a measure of the dollar amount we produce here of goods and services. There are several things that are both included and not included in this number which is released monthly. The four main categories’ that make up the GDP are; Private consumption expenditures, Investments, Government purchases, and Net exports. Things that are not included would be transfer payments, Intermediate transactions, Resource depletion, and Environmental costs. The GDP is used to measure how a country is progressing. An increase in GDP means a growing economy where a decrease is considered a contracting economy. All countries look at where a countries economic position...