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Bowman's Strategy Clock and local products

The "Strategy Clock" is a marketing model used to analyze the competitive position of a company. This model based upon the work of Cliff Bowman and David Faulkner.

Bowman's Strategy Clock represents eight possible strategies in four quadrants defined by the price and unity or value axes.

The eight possible strategies and their local examples are:

1. Low Price/Low Added Value

The firms forced to compete in because their product lacks of differentiated value.


 NOBEL Flatinum Television

–Incorporated 1989, went public December2007–Brand of Dynasel Limited (DSL)–26% market share

 Nokia Low Price Handsets

2. Low Price

The companies drive the prices down, and they balance very low margins with very high volume.


 Telenor talkshawk

–Smartest package to call any network, at any time with amazing call rates

 Sony WEGA Television

3. Hybrid

Hybrids companies offer products at a low cost, but offer products with a higher perceived value than those of other low cost competitors.


 djuice by Telenor

–“Its fun to be young” that is how TelenorPakistan promotes its djuice package.–They say ‘its one place packed with all the fun,its Telenor’s youth brand.

 Daihatsu Cuore by Toyota

4. Differentiation

Differentiation companies increase their price and sustain themselves through higher margins, or they keep their prices low and seek greater market share.


 Heir R-Series Air Conditioner

–Haier’s new AC has Auto Cleaning system that keeps room cooland itself clean by its special open & close feature.– We consider Heir’s AC fall in differentiation category without aprice premium.

 New Toyota Corolla ALTIS CruisTronic


 Honda CD70 Motorcycle

–The new attractively designed CD 70 is right there at the top, with its aerodynamic shape, super econo-power, a smoke-free 4-Stroke engine and the special Honda 12-volt CDI technology

5. Focused...